Encourage adult learning and development in your early childhood community by bringing educational experiences to the location of your choice that utilize experiential role-plays, guided imagery exercises, entertaining games and songs and large & small group discussions, combined with engaging lecturettes to effectively get the point across!


All of the following sessions last from 90 minutes to three hours and can be specially tailored in time or content to meet the unique needs of your community.

Key to Intended Audiences: P – parents, T – teachers, C – caregivers, A – administrators


Guidance & Discipline

A Bunch of Monkeys     

Positive strategies for guiding positive behaviors and dealing with negative behaviors    PTC

Defusing The Bomb

How to systematically de-escalate aggressive or violent behaviors     PTC
PREREQUISITE: “A Bunch Of Monkeys”


Meeting Developmental Needs

Relevant child development theories (Piaget, Erikson, etc.), made accessible to the layperson     PTC

Learning About Learning

Brain research, multiple intelligences, Vygotsky, learning modalities and much more    PTC

Professional Development

Standing For Children

Explore the unique meaning of “early childhood professionalism” in this powerfully moving workshop    TC 

Working Together: Teamwork in Action

Colleagues and coworkers learn how to work together more effectively.    TC

The Telephone Game

Improve adult verbal and non-verbal communication skills with colleagues, coworkers and kids     TCA

Parents Are People Too

Explore strategies for creating more realistic expectations of and effective partnerships with parents     TC

What’s Love Got To Do With It?    

“Love is the supreme form of human communication.  In the heirarchy of needs, love stands as the supreme developing agent of the humanity of the person.  As such, the teaching of love should be the central core of all early childhood curriculum with all other subjects growing naturally out of such teaching.” – Ashley Montagu.

This workshop provides a warm opportunity to explore the role of love in a professional setting.   TCA

Caring For Kids

Sharing Your Power

Discover, through a revealing role-play, the ways in which we use our power for and against the children we serve     PTCA

Play All Day: Activity Planning

How to choose developmentally-appropriate activities for groups of young children     C

Room To Grow: Early Childhood Environments   

Discover how the classroom environment affects children’s behavior and learning.  The guided imagery exercise in this workshop is a thought and emotion-provoking favorite!     TC

Nurturing Needs: Group Care Techniques

Create strategies for meeting the needs of individual kids in large groups.       TC

What Meets The Eye

The art and science of effectively observing and describing children’s behaviors    TC

Tender Topics  

Talking with children about difficult subjects like race, sex, death and war can often prove challenging.  This workshop provides strategies and, through role-plays, practice.      PTC

Fun & Games

Learn To Play… Play To Learn

Adults giggle and play as they discover how child’s play is really learning time     PTC

Games For Kids

A fun-filled assortment of non-competitive games for children of all ages    TC

The Spirit of Play   

Adults get in touch with the kid inside as they joyously play in this unique, powerful workshop    TCA

Developmental Curriculum

Understanding Bias    

Adults explore their own biases and learn about their early childhood cognitive origins    PTCA

Implementing “Anti-Bias”

This workshop, in conjunction with “Understanding Bias,” gives adults strategies for creating an atmosphere and curriculum for children that celebrates diversity     PTC
PREREQUISITE: “Understanding Bias”

The Art of Storytelling

Encourage children’s literacy through stories, guided imagery, book-making and so much more     TC

The Neighborhood Walk

This unique, outdoor workshop which travels through your neighborhood helps caregivers and teachers understand how to insure safety and encourage creativity and learning     PT



Staff Development for Directors

Explore a variety of effective strategies for the reflective professional development of teachers and caregivers including journals, action research projects, book clubs, mentoring and more    A

Team-Building for Directors      

In this workshop, administrators focus on techniques for building more effective staff cohesion within their community     AEmail: