I have known a lot of early childhood educators and Richard is one of the very few I feel in awe of.  He’s the person I call if I need to talk about children’s needs because he’s straightforward, articulate and understands the whole being of the child; what the deep child is about not just the surface stuff that everyone else sees.”

Bev Bos, internationally-known early childhood expert  bos


“In every respect, Richard exceeded our expectations. His rapport with the audience set a gold standard of how to effectively engage the audience and keep them with him.  He had a perfect blend of content, entertainment, and driving home his points.  I thought the concluding candle-light ceremony was so poignant and a perfect conclusion.”

– Clark Hickman, Chair, Crucial Early Years Institute

“Richard Cohen gives me hope for the future of all who are committed to the education of young children – a real class act who opened my eyes in many ways.  My teaching won’t be the same in the future because of this workshop.”

– participant, evaluation form, “Understanding Bias/ Implementing Anti-Bias”

“Mr. Cohen is a true and special gift to children and early childhood educators.  His obvious respect for children is a model for all of us.”

– participant, on conference session evaluation form

“Richard Cohen has deep knowledge and understanding of young children and how they learn. He has an uncanny ability to demonstrate this knowledge and gently guide teachers and caregivers to new levels of understanding.”

– Katherine McLellan, Kindergarten Teacher; Kohl/McCormick Early Childhood Teaching Award winner

“Richard has the ability to connect with people and touch their lives in amazing ways.  He is inspiring as a speaker and is creative in his approach to multiple audiences.  Richard knows about children, child development and families, but most importantly, he knows how to share his knowledge in appropriate ways.  He has extensive training experience and understands the importance of research-based information.”

– Marsha Hawley, Faculty, Erickson Institute

“As a trainer, Mr. Cohen is able to meet the needs of a very diverse audience, oftentimes carefully adjusting his focus midstream to meet a goal alignment with the group.  His presentation style is engaging, informative, and creative.  Mr. Cohen’s workshops heightened our directors awareness of the need to work collaboratively with their teaching staff.  Empowered, they created vision statements and began to work on common goals. His enthusiasm was a positive motivator.”

– Eileen Eisenberg, Training Coordinator, Center for Early Childhood Leadership at National-Louis University

“Richard Cohen brought a breath of fresh air – and much-needed expertise – to Brookfield Zoo.  Richard’s sensitivity to and knowledge of the needs of children and families were an invaluable contribution to the overall [Play Zoo] project and had a profound impact on the project’s ultimate design.  Richard is passionate about doing good things for kids, dedicated to his work, creative in thinking, and kind in spirit.”

– Katie Slivovsky, Senior Education Specialist, Brookfield Zoo

“During the 34 years I taught at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools I was involved with many early childhood experts, but found Richard Cohen to be an extraordinary one.  What a splendid educational gift!

– Gloria Needlman, Early Childhood Teacher Emeritus; Vice President, Kohl Academy of Outstanding Educators

“Richard is committed to the potential of all children, as well as to the teachers in the field of early childhood education. His informal, yet professional attitude sets a very relaxed and comfortable tone. He challenges the staff’s intellects by creating a fun and stimulating atmosphere and welcomes everyone’s contributions. He promotes teamwork and cohesive working relationships, developing a balance of attitudes and opinions.”

– Kathy Hardy, Director, Winnetka Nursery School

“When Richard spoke to the Maryville workers he touched them and put magic in their hearts. The workers were then able to spread the magic to the children of Maryville.”

– Tracy Harrington, Family Educator, Columbus-Maryville

“Richard, thank you. You were the first person to listen to me like I was a professional. I didn’t even know I had a voice before and now I’m going to use it!”

– Andrea Ferguson, Caregiver

“Well, I’ve been in this business for 23 years and I have to admit I didn’t think anyone could teach me something new. I was wrong. You brought theory and practice together in ways I hadn’t thought of. Thank you, Richard!”

– participant, evaluation, “Teambuilding for Directors”

“I have a RAVE REVIEW for Richard Cohen!  Richard has the knack of encouraging teachers to “do early childhood” the way it was meant to be.  He had our adult educators laughing, thinking about THEIR childhood, and relating it all to providing an appropriate environment for young children.  He encourages educators to think about enhancing their skills in a non-threatening way.  He’s a super advocate for early childhood education!

– Laurie Rickerd, Principal, Whittier Early Childhood Center

That was fantastic! My staff and I have never laughed so hard and learned so much at the same time!  I only wish all of them had been here at this workshop. When can you come out to my center to do this workshop again for everybody?

-participant, evaluation, “Room To Grow”



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One thought on “

  1. Richard went above and beyond our expectations!
    Richard attended the ECDA’s annual Fall Conference in October 2015 where he facilitated 4 workshops, a stand up comedy routine and a closing keynote. Not only did he offer new insight and knowledge to our sector, his passion and love for the field also inspired and motivated us to reignite our own passion.
    We would highly recommend Mr. Cohen!

    Here are a few quotes from the feedback forms from his workshop:

    “I forgot why I loved being an ECE so much, Richard reminded me!”
    “His personality and enthusiasm for childcare was so inspiring”
    “I feel so reassured about the importance of my job!”
    “Richard’s workshops were very light, upbeat and extremely informative. I really enjoyed the open conversation as a means of facilitation”
    “I loved his examples. His material and information was so relatable”
    “Best workshop yet! I am so inspired!”


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