Richard is available to serve in a consultant capacity at institutional, classroom or individual levels. If you are seeking to improve the quality or effectiveness of the delivery of early childhood services to your community, he will come to your school or center to provide observations, analysis and recommendations.

The focus of the consultation service can be at the

Institutional Level – such as improving staff cohesion, parent & community partnerships or curricular reform

Classroom Level – such as improving anti-bias work, literacy/math curriculum or group cohesion

Individual Level – such as improving teaching or caregiving skills around a variety of issues

The consultation service, co-designed with the administrator to address the unique needs of their community, can last from one day to a week or longer. If needed, the consultation service can then be followed by professional development services such as Workshops or Coaching.

One of Richard’s particularly strong, creative areas of expertise is the design of fun-filled, educational, nurturing children’s play spaces. He provides effective consultation on classroom/center spatial & organizational design needs.



Often the life of an early childhood administrator, teacher or caregiver can feel isolated and sometimes “stuck,” unable to solve personal or professional issues that affect their ability to effectively meet their commitment to staff, children and families.

Richard is proud to announce the addition of a unique, empowering, one-on-one service specially designed for early childhood administrators, teachers and caregivers. The mentoring service provides a regular meeting with Richard, often designed as a weekly, thirty-minute phone conversation in which individuals can have a confidential “coaching session” to explore and improve issues of personal and professional effectiveness.

The coaching relationship begins with the creation of a personal/professional mission statement and continues over a period of time determined by the client. Together, you and Richard can explore blocks & obstacles and brainstorm solutions in supportive, challenging conversations that regularly set goals, hold you accountable to achieve them, and keep you moving forward to realization.